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  As a joint venture, Jiangyin Walsin Steel Cable Co., Ltd. has been established in December 1992 by Walsin Lihwa Corp. who is the biggest wire & cable and pre-stressed material manufacturer in Taiwan, and Jiangsu Fasten Group who is one of the national first-class enterprises in metal producing industry. With total investment of 30 million U.S. dollars, the company has been able to import its main production and measurement equipment from Italy, Germany, Belgium and Japan, which represent the internationally advanced technical level. There are 6 sets of wire drawing machines, 3 sets of stranding machines, 2 sets of zinc galvanizing equipment and two sets of packing equipment. The company covers a factory area of 88 mu with shop building of 40,000 square meters and production area of 31,000 square meters. By the end of 2002, the company owned a total sum of capital amounting to RMB

268,650,000 yuan. At present, there are 245 employees in the company, among whom 95 are technicians (16 are senior and middle-class technicians). The Company’s main products fall into 8 series: low relaxation P.C. steel wires and steel strands, hot-dip galvanized steel wires & steel strands for bridge cables, coated seven-wire strand for bridge cables, unbonded pre-stressed steel strands, etc. At the time being, the company has a gross productivity of 170,000 ton/year, including 10,000 tons/year of low relaxation pre-stressed steel wires, 140,000 tons/year of low relaxation pre-stressed steel strands and 20,000 tons/year of zinc galvanized steel wires and steel strands.

  In early 2006, the company made a requisition of land about 220 mu in west area of Jiangyin City. The 2 sets of steel strand production equipment ordered and imported from Italy were put into operation in October 2006. Through these measures, the annual output of steel strands increased by 70,000 tons which raised the annual output up to 140,000 tons in 2006. The company manufactures its products with reference to international standards of the U.S., U.K. France and etc. It has been carrying out ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System for many years and is one of the first batch of Chinese enterprises in the industry to pass the Quality System certification. Since its creation, the company’s products have been applied in more than one hundred key national construction projects and have won good favor with their high quality. The item of zinc galvanized wire for bridges has been granted the top-grade Prize of Science & Technology Progress by China Transport Ministry and has been displayed in “The Exhibition of Two Decades Reform & Opening-up Achievements”.

  After the success of galvanized steel wire for bridge cables, the company in 1996 developed high-strength low-relaxation galvanized steel strand for bridge cables, which also filled the domestic gap in this industry. Based on the product of galvanized steel strand for bridge cables, the Company in 1997 again developed successfully a new generation of bridge cable products, ----the coated seven-wire steel strand. This product was awarded as Jiangsu Excellent New product and won Golden Bull Award in February 1998. In November 1998, this product was named as a National Key New Product and had been successfully applied in Yunnan’s Xinjinhong Bridge, Chongqing Masangxi Yangtze Bridge and Yichang Yiling Yangtze Bridge. From then the application of a new generation of cables on long-span cable stayed bridges has been started.

  In recent two years, Walsin Company, based on its own technical and facility advantages, has developed helix ribbed steel wires for railway sleepers, P. C. steel bars, galvanized steel wires for aluminum conductors steel-reinforced. These new products expanded the company services into railway and electricity systems, which made it possible for Walsin Company to serve the national and societal construction to a greater extent.

  Jiangyin Walsin Steel Cable Co., Ltd. would like to extend our great thanks to the related design institutes, project owners and construction units for their years of trust and assistance and would supply our customers with quality products and satisfied service. In the meantime, the company would like to welcome friends from all the ranks for visit and cooperation.

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