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Filled Epoxy-coated Steel Strand
  Our company is the first enterprise in China that has developed independently the filled epoxy-coated steel strand product. Our equipment, processing technology and powders are researched and developed jointly with our suppliers. Our production of filled epoxy-coated steel strand for pre-stressed concrete stresses that the epoxy coat will permanently bond to the naked steel strand with good tenacity so that the tensioning or the bending to some extent will not cause the coat break off or crack. At the same time the coat is able to resist physical wearing and chemical corrosion.This product is mainly applied to stay cables, earth anchors, external cables, pipe piles, offshore engineering structures and dam strengthening projects and etc. This product is particularly important for external cables of segmental constructions.
Processing Features
1. This product contains two utility model patents and one invention patent.
2. The steel strand is self-manufactured within 3 days to avoid any rusting and dirt on the surface. The manufacturing process is under strict control to prevent any stains. The performance design and the processing control of the steel strand can also be done according to customer requirements.
3. Our newly-invented secondary spraying technology can increase the coat thickness and evenness.
Flow of Work
Steel Strand→ Unreeling→ Ultrasonic Cleaning→ Water Washing→ Mid-frequency Heating→ Steel Strand Separation→ Electrostatic Spraying→ Secondary Spraying→ Stabilization Treatment→ Curing and Water Cooling→ On-line Checking→ Reeling→ Final Inspection→ Packaging→ Warehousing
Comparison among Main Performance Indicators of Different Standards
Item/ Name of Standards

U.S. Standard

International Standards

China National Standard

Enterprise Standard

Coat Thickness 0.38-1.14mm 0.4-1.15mm 0.4-1.14mm 0.4-1.14mm
Tensile Strength ≥1860MPa ≥1860MPa ≥1860MPa ≥1860MPa
Yield Strength ≥1647MPa ≥1647MPa ≥1647MPa ≥1647MPa
Relaxation, % ≤6.5% ≤6.5% ≤6.5% ≤6.5%
Percentage Elongation ≥4.0% ≥4.0% ≥4.0% ≥4.0%
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