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21.6 mm Steel Strand
  In order to meet the requirement of long-span and heavily-loaded pre-stressed structures in modern transport and construction, pre-stressed materials are being developed and manufactured with higher strength and big diameters.
  The development of QMV22 anchors by China Academy of Building Research and the acceptance of this project in November 2007 have founded good conditions for the practical application of 21.6mm steel strand.
  Compared to the 15.2mm steel strand that is widely used at present, the application of 21.6mm steel strand could reduce greatly the material and manpower consumption, save about 25% of tensioning and anchoring expenses, lower the cost of ducts or un-bonding coatings and at the same time decrease the waste of resources.
  This product can be applied to the internal pre-stressed structures of large-scale bridges and their main towers, the heavily-loaded long-span structures, the large-scale cables, the heavily-loaded lifting devices and the slop treatment facilities and etc.
  The 21.6mm steel strand produced by our company has already been applied in many constructions and has won favorable comments from customers.
Comparison among Similar Products Both Home and Abroad
We have not seen any trial-manufacture information for F21.6mm 1170Mpa 7-wire P.C. steel strand in foreign countries. Few manufacturers in China provide such trial-product information. Our company’s newly trial-manufactured specimens have been sent to testing in China Construction Steel Quality Supervision and Testing Center and all test data meet the product design requirements.
Sn Indicators Product Standards Specimen 1 Specimen 2 Specimen 3 Data of other Domestic Manufacturers
1 Diametermm Product Standards 21.8 21.8 21.8 21.8
2 Breaking ForceKN 504.5 529.5 529.2 531.0 509.8
3 Tensile StrengthMpa 1770 1858 1856 1863 1790
4 Yield ForceFp0.2KN 454 472.3 470.1 471.8 467.8
5 Yield StrengthMpa 1595 1657 1649 1655 1641
6 Percentage Elongation% ≥3.5 6.1 6.2 6.6 4.0
7 Relaxation% ≤2.5 2.0 -
8 Modulus of Elasticity Gpa 190—2100 195.6 197.7 195.4 194
9 Fatigue(0.45бъэ300MPa) 200万次不断 ok ok ok ok
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